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Candle Inspiration


Our inspiration comes from the forests and woodlands of Nagano, in the centre of Japan and the lush subtropical forests of the Yaeyama Islands in the far south west of Japan. 


Nagano is famous for its volcanoes, onsens, mountains and forests.  The act of walking through the forest (shinrin-yoku in Japanese) has been found to be beneficial for the mind and soul, and we have tried to recreate the smells and sense of being in the forests in our Nagano series.

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八重山シリーズに使用しております琉球グラスは、沖縄の有名な恩納ガラス工房と奥原硝子製です。 色は赤、オレンジ、ブルーなど南国らしい色を用意しました。

Our glasses are all handmade by Japanese artisan glassmakers.

Ryukyu glass from Okinawa prefecture is famous and our glasses are made by two renowned glassmakers based in Okinawa main island. We chose these glasses as they represent the beautiful colours of Okinawa, and they look beautiful with candles in them. We hope that people will continue to use the glasses after the candles have finished.


Joetsu Crystal Glass is used for our Nagano candle series. This is a renowned Japanese glass maker from Nagano`s neighbouring prefecture; Gunma. They have specially made two types of glassware for us in; ruby and light brown shades.   When the candles have burned, and the glass is cleaned, they are the perfect size for enjoying drinks of your choice.

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八重山諸島は東京から南西2,000km離れた場所に位置し、石垣島を中心として主に7つの島があります。その多くは広いサンゴ礁と白砂のビーチに囲まれた緑あふれる森とマングローブが広がるところです。八重山はその亜熱帯の気候の独特の花や樹木の香りに合わせ、潮の香りに包まれています。 私たちはその素晴らしい八重山の自然をイメージしてキャンドルを作りました。

The Yaeyama Islands are a group of 7 islands located 2,000km southwest from Tokyo. Most of the Yaeyama islands, are covered in dense forests with sub-tropical flora, and all of them are surrounded by beautiful white sand beaches and rich coral reefs. The Yaeyama Islands have their own fragrant smells, that are whipped up, mixed and blended, with the help of the warm winds from the surrounding seas and oceans, and this wonderful, warm and inviting atmosphere that greets us every day is the inspiration behind our candle scents

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