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1.0 商品が損傷あるいは不具合があった場合


2.0 注文品と異なる商品を受け取った時

3.0 商品の返品

4.0 処理時間

5.0 取扱店で購入された商品に問題があった場合

​A-Toritani Returns Policy

1.0 Broken or damaged

A-Toritani will accept returns of broken or damaged products. If a product reaches you and it is broken or damaged, please take a photo of it and E-mail the photo to us, complete with order details (order number) and a brief description of the problem, within 7 (seven) days. We will then contact you and discuss the next steps, that is; return of the original product to us and then whether you would like a full refund or replacement.


2.0 Wrong Item Delivered

Additionally, if you receive the wrong item then please contact us immediately, no later than 7 (seven) days after receiving the order. We will check the order and arrange for it to be collected and will then send you the correct order.

3.0 Returning an Item

We are not accepting our products to be returned for replacement or refund once used.
If you are returning an unused product to us for replacement or refund, please contact us by phone or Email within 7 (seven) days.  When you send the product back to us, please ensure that you include the original receipt note in your parcel, pack the items in their original packaging where possible, and write your order number on the address label of your package.
In the first instance, customers are requested to bare the cost to send back the items. Customers will then be reimbursed the shipping costs 

4.0 Process Time

If you choose to receive a full payment refund then the payment will be refunded to your account or credit card no later than 7 (seven) working days after we have received the returned goods.
If you choose to receive a replacement item then this will be sent to you within 7 working days of us receiving your returned goods and will be delivered via standard delivery. Please note delivery times may vary depending on the shipping destination and may be delayed during busy holiday seasons and during any stormy weather.

5.0 Items purchased in stores that distribute our products

For items bought at stores that distribute our products, please bring the product to the shop with your receipt/proof of purchase, and they will process your refund or exchange following their procedures.

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