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A-Toritaniキャンドル、Porte Magazineに掲載(2018年8月)


Kayak Yaeyama Workshop, Ishigaki article August 2018

私たちのキャンドルが沖縄ポルテ誌(2018年8月)で紹介されました。 石垣の「Kayak」さんにはこの雑誌への記事を投稿して頂き大変感謝しております。

We are really delighted to have our candles appear in the beautiful Okinawa Porte magazine (August 2018). Our candles are available in two scents; Yaeyama Forest and Yaeyama Jasmine. The glasses are handmade in Naha by Okuhara Glass (奥原硝子製作所) and the two perfumes have been created by Maki Ueda at PEPE in Ishigaki. Huge thanks to the wonderful supportive team at Kayak Yaeyama Workshop in Ishigaki who arranged for this article and also who stock our candles. Thank you.



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