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A-Toritani use handmade glass from Joetsu Crystal Glass Company






同社は多くのアーティストやデザイナーとコラボレーションしてさまざまな商品を生み出しています。上越ガラスの職人は、そのすばらしい職人技に対して長年にわたり多くの賞を受賞しています。 聖なる宝物とイエローリボン賞の6次。

For A-Toritani’s Nagano Candle series we use coloured glass from the Joetsu Glass Company based in Gunma Prefecture, Japan.

The Joetsu Glass company has been making glass since 1905 (Meiji 38) when it started producing laboratory glass; thermometers, measuring glass etc., from its Tokyo factory. After WWII the company moved its HQ and production facilities to the beautiful and natural scenic location in Gumma prefecture. The company is famous for handcrafting coloured glass and their work can be seen across Japan; the glass walls for the New Imperial Palace and the Imperial Hotel, the azure-colored glass beads for Chuzonji Temple, the glass for the Shosoin treasure house, and chandelier glass for the Akasaka State Guest House, and also providing glass trophies for sumo tournament winners. The company collaborates with many artists and designers to create many different products. Joetsu Glass artisans have received many awards over the years for their beautiful craftmanship, namely; the 6th Order of the Sacred Treasure and the Yellow Ribbon Medal.

We were attracted to the company because of the beautiful rich colours and clarity of their glasses. We chose two different colours; citrine and ruby as both are colours we see in the forests. The citrine glass represents the beauty of the forest colours throughout the year and the ruby glass is reminiscent of the beautiful rich autumn colours found in Nagano.

The website for Joetsu Glass is;



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