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八重山の森に触発されて Inspired by the Yaeyama Forests



*自然と森林浴への憧れ *八重山諸島 *美しい手作りの琉球吹きガラス





The main inspirations behind our Yaeyama Forest candle originates from;

*Our fascination with shinrin-yoku

*The Yaeyama Islands

*Beautiful Okinawa/Ryukyu handmade glass

At our labo in Ishigaki (in the Yaeyama island group) we are surrounded by forests, mangroves and beaches. Shinrin-yoku (forest bathing in English) is a Japanese term, meaning; taking in and inhaling the air of the forest and nature, and has been proven to be calming, helps people reduce stress and generally feel a lot better.

We worked with Ishigaki based perfume designer; Maki Ueda to create a perfume scent for our candles, that would be pleasing to the senses, relaxing and welcoming. The candle perfume is a blend of cedarwood, galbanum, camphor and shell ginger (getto), giving a delicate, elegant green, fresh and citrus note with a touch of spice.

The glassware is handmade by the Okuhara glass company in Naha, Okinawa.

Our Yaeyama Forest candle was launched in February 2018 and is currently stocked in Kayak Yaeyama Workshop, Ishigaki.

Soy wax candle, cederwood, galbanum, camphor, getto, made in Ishigaki, Japan
Yaeyama Forest Candle by A-Toritani



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