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A-Toritani 八重山ジャスミンキャンドル Yaeyama Jasmine Candle


The inspiration for our Jasmine candle comes from the favourite tea drink of the Okinawan people; Sanpin-cha/jasmine tea, green tea blended with jasmine flowers. Jasmine tea is also served in Chinese households to welcome people. These two points gave us the idea about having a jasmine candle in our Yaeyama candle series.

Jasmine flowers have delicate, sweet, fresh, light top notes, with heady, intense, rich body notes and spicy, green, tea like, lily-like subsidiary notes. We have jasmine plants surrounding our labo in Ishigaki and at night the small flowers open and release their perfume. Local custom suggests that when small white flowers bud on the plants, a typhoon is approaching!

Our soy wax candle smells fresh, floral, sensual and warm. We want it to be reminiscent of the exotic smells of warm tropical islands and to provide a welcome smell. The scent was designed and arranged by Ishigaki based perfume designer Maki Ueda. It is a blend of different perfume elements; ylang ylang, linalool, jasmon and civette.

The glass chosen reflects the beautiful blue clear seas around Ishigaki and was handmade by the Okuhara glass company in Naha, Okinawa.





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