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Helping our environment

Japan is made up of approximately 6800 islands and surrounded by the most amazing coastline. Our HQ is on the largest island of Honshu and our Labo is based on one of the smaller islands; Ishigaki (Okinawa). The beautiful shoreline and the sea are well worth protecting and for us, beach cleaning is a small way to help. It is also a great way to exercise in a healthy environment (sea breeze, warm clean air, sound of the waves) and after we complete each beach clean, we have a beautiful, clean and comfortable place to relax and enjoy. Our annual goal is to collect and professionally dispose of at least 140kgs of beach garbage every year. Why 140kgs? Well it is the combined weight of both my husband and me. This year we have only managed around 90kgs, but with more typhoons on the way, I am sure we will meet our goal.

5 reasons why we beach clean;

  1. helps save fish, marine mammals and the natural environment,

  2. keep toxic chemicals and harmful plastics out of the water (otherwise it may end up in the food we eat).

  3. Japan is in a tourist boom now and we like to see happy visitors,

  4. creates a safer environment for animals and little feet,

  5. AND finally, and for us it is great to be outside, get some good exercise and open our lungs to fresh marine air AND meet new people



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